Nonprofit Support

We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

When you need to know how to do what you don't know.

CFO by Design has put together qualified analytical experts with years of industry experience that can help you register, plan, strategize, audit, value and forecast your 501C3.


Filing the proper documentation with the IRS is essential for every 501C3/Nonprofit. Our proven system of compliance will ensure compliant and timely filing of your organization including your IRS 1023.


The nonprofit sector is a highly regulated environment that requires commitment, consistency, and attention to detail. We help you meet administrative compliance required of a transparent, scalable organization.

Marketing and Program Development

Your ability to attract support and funding will help set a successful model to assist, teach, or advocate for a cause. We provide you with tools and creative ideas to promote, modify and evaluate your program’s success.

Organization Development

We provide support and guidance to help turn an idea into an emerging organization. The opportunity to become a change-maker is up to you.

Grant Hunting

The right stewardship and fund seeking strategy will strengthen your capacity to help your chosen community. We can help you seek partners, sponsors, and funders.

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