Analytical Services

We Provide A Wide Range Of Planning Services

When you need to know how to do what you don't know.

CFO by Design has put together qualified analytical experts with years of industry experience that can help you plan, strategize, audit, value and forecast your business.

Business Plan

All businesses should start with a plan. Entrepreneurs that start with a written are able to anticipate many obstacles before they start their business. As an entrepreneur, you need to know the different aspects of your business venture before you invest your hard-earned money and time.

Marketing Plan

A detailed marketing plan is essential for the success of the best venture. There areo many different ways a business can be found by their consumers. The question is which one is right for your business and your budget. Our team of marketing experts can create the best plan for your customer to be able to find you.

Strategic Planning

What to do first and what to do second can be very confusing in a business. Between acquiring new clients, keeping the old clients, paying the bills, dealing with the unexpected expenses, running a business successfully has many moving parts.

Business Audit/Valuations

Do you want to buy or sell your business? You may need to know what your business is worth, or what the business you are about to purchase is worth. With a business valuation you will have the information you will need to leverage maximum value during the negotiation process.

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